Automation and industrial robotics

Once an industrial project has been put in place, the arduous task of planning time and manufacturing costs begins. Automation processes with industrial robotics often mark the difference between a successful project and a project that, whatever its investment, is doomed to failure.
The evolution of robotic industrial engineering has led, to unimaginable levels of automation only a few decades ago, to the most complex and rigorous manufacturing processes that produce the products currently used by millions of people. of people.

Let us advise you if you have an industrial project, because otherwise, the existence of a bottleneck hidden in the manufacturing process can make the rest of the automation of the plant sees its performance considerably reduced, until the extreme of being unsustainable.

Automation and collaborative robotics



Applications of industrial robotics

In general, the main applications of industrial robotics that we designed at Meraky are intended for collaborative automation between the lines of work, which are part of what is called the intralogistics of a company. High assembly levels require micrometric and even higher accuracies in some cases.

These are essential applications of industrial robotics, which play a precise and concrete role that the human hand cannot reproduce, even individually. Robots carry these processes to the possibility of serial work with a narrow margin of error. Pioneers in these sectors develop components that exceed the manual mechanical capabilities of any operator and the level of handling of goods multiplies by tens or thousands.

Major manufacturers know that they must succeed in adapting to robotics and automation if they want to be competitive. However, to date, all areas are still unknown and, in the future, they will be applied to industrial robotics, a booming sector that has grown exponentially in recent decades.

Industrial Robotics Society

There are few cases in which an industrial robotics company like Meraky receives visits from customers who already have their own facility, but this does not correspond to the approaches it was originally focused on. An industrial robotics company must focus as much as possible on the fidelity and safety of each of the critical points of the production chain.

Robots have revolutionized the industry in the manufacturing of any product. Artificial intelligence, increasingly present in our daily lives, even at the user level, opens an almost infinite range of possibilities to the possible cards that a production line can describe.

Therefore, automation and industrial robotics companies play a crucial role that can influence the price and final cost of the product, which is essential today to be able to compete fairly in the market.

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