The procedures

Meraky Technology is committed to every project from the beginning. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers to develop the project best suited to the needs of each client. Realize and develop each phase of the project from its first contact to its implementation and validation.

Project Analysis

We have transferred a part of our technical team to your company to see on the spot what would be the best basis to start developing your project.

Development and manufacturing

Our engineering team develops, based on the data collected with the client, the most optimal project for the needs of your company. We carry out pilot manufacturing and validate it in our installations.

Getting started

We manage and implement the project resources in the customer's facilities, ensuring its operation.


Once the tests required to validate the project have been completed, the appropriate personnel of your company will be trained in the proper functioning of the installed media.

The best service for the industry

Contact us and we will offer you a personalized service