RFID products and tags

At Meraky, we offer the full range of the wide range of applications for products using radio frequency identification technology.

We will implement a complete RFID automation or tracking solution, taking into account the hardware we will use to read our RFID tags, to the development of the appropriate software, through the RFID readers or printers that your project requires.

Some companies may propose the implementation of a comprehensive study offering a complete solution using RFID technology. Another thing is the overall effectiveness of each step in which the project is to be identified or monitored. At this point, we invite you to ask us without compromise for a detailed approach to the complete RFID solution you need at a specific level. Our engineers design exclusively and specifically your line of automation or monitoring, not on the basis of an existing project that we will adapt to yours, but by implementing in each section of the line the specific RFID product that will offer a performance and a increased usability.

RFID Hardware

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RFID readers


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